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Dr Daniel Hutt Clinical Social Work-Therapist, DSW, LCSW

In the Buddhist tradition it is noted: "all that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become".
This quote reflects my psychological approach to the problems people bring to me.
My approach is as pragmatic as it is philosophical, as caring as it is confrontative and as serious as it is humorous. This may sound contradictory but life is not linear and therapy is a microcosm of life. The relationship that develops between a therapist and the client is the heart of the engine of change that defines therapy.
The problems that I treat range from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, insomnia, trauma, to addiction and weight loss. I use hypnosis in much of my work.
Hypnosis used in a clinical, therapeutic context can often-time turbocharge a clients progress in a particular area. I use traditional hypnosis and also hypnotic age regression.
Areas within the spectrum of anxiety disorders include: Social anxiety, performance anxiety in any arena, such a sports, public speaking, the performance arts, and test anxiety. Includes all manifestations of anxiety, including panic attacks, free floating anxiety (it just hits me out of the blue), obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress, and generalized anxiety disorder.

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