Test Anxiety

Dr. Hutt’s Published Article on Test Anxiety in the WSCA (Western Suffolk Counselors Association) Publication, Fall 2006


One of our primary jobs as counselors/educators/mental health professionals is to recognize situations that impede learning and to remove obstacles that prevent students from succeeding. One major and often unrecognized obstacle is test- taking anxiety. Sometimes it occurs with a particular subject; other times it is triggered by a particular testing situation, such as standardized testing. When a student performs well in the classroom under non- testing conditions or with a tutor at home but then fails to perform to expectations on tests, test anxiety might be the culprit. According to Dr. Thomas M. Haladyna, a professor of educational psychology from Arizona State University, a quarter (25%) of the population has test anxiety. If his statistics are even remotely accurate than we have a nation of very nervous students.

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